Friday, October 05, 2007

Helpful finds

I'm just starting work on a personal statement for low-residency MFA applications, and probably also for the Stegner fellowship. I haven't written anything like this for twenty years. It's the most excruciating genre ever invented. Fortunately, Tom Kealey has posted his successful statement on his MFA blog. Many, many thanks to him... My first draft was way too elliptical and ponderous. One needs a light touch to balance out the self-mythologizing.

Also here's a list of journals, ranked by tiers--very useful for deciding where to submit. This is from Armand Inezian, winner of Glimmer Train's Summer Fiction Open.


burnt sienna said...

I'm leaving a message simply to say thank you for the PDF file. I downloaded it and I kind of feel a little guilty for how easy this did all the work and now I'm just coasting on

So I'm just leaving a comment to say thanks for sharing. It was something you did not have to do, but did anyway because you're probably nicer than the greater majority of people out there.


Ann said...

burnt sienna--thanks for your comment! I should emphasize that I did no work on either the PDF file--credit goes entirely to Armand Inezian for the list of journals. I just linked to it.