Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chipping away at the meat monolith in the sky

I upgraded to first class on my flight back to Cleveland late last night--which I really, really needed to do. So the following transcribed conversation is not exactly a complaint. It is merely a report.

Flight Attendant: Would you like a snack?
Me: Sure. What is it?
FA: Cheese, crackers, and fruit.
Me: Is there meat?
FA: Yes.
Me: No, thanks, then. I don't eat meat.
FA: Are you a toucher?
Me: What?
FA: Some people are OK as long as the meat is not touching the other food.
Me: Never mind. No snack, thanks.
FA: How about just the fruit?
Me: OK.

So I ended up with a small fruit plate, cookies, crackers, and--for some reason--a packet of ranch dressing. It could have been worse.

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