Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Bat Segundo Show explained

Thanks to The Rejectionist for explaining what The Bat Segundo Show is. Like TR, I've been getting Bat's mysterious...OK, let's just call it spam, because it started showing up in my Gmail a few years ago, without my consent. When the infiltration first started, I glanced at the emails and noted they were about some kind of literary series. It was located in New York, so I couldn't go to it...but neither did I click the link to unsubscribe. This is my way of supporting literary endeavors: I allow their spam in my inbox; but I punish them for spamming by not reading their emails closely.

Turns out...it's a *podcast*! Like a *virtual* show on the *Internet* and so I can go to it! Anytime I want! Now I have even more excuses for not writing, because I am *learning about writing* from skilled practitioners! Thus far I'd say the interviews are excellent, and there's a whole lot of them, too.

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