Monday, November 30, 2009

For future reference: veggie turkey-like thingies

Slate's Juliet Lapidos wrote a helpful review of vegetarian turkey-like entities, including the infamous Tofurkey. Trev and I bought her favorite, Gardein, for our belated Thanksgiving with his family on Saturday. While the rest of the family had turkey, we heated up these little stuffed soy-twinkies and surrounded them with the usual sides. Report: not bad. Texture very convincing. Flavor somewhere between turkey and bacon. "Crust" so-so. Stuffing negligible.

Trev's mom did a nice thing and bought the Thanksgiving issue of the Vegetarian Times in preparation for the meal. The issue includes a section on vegetarian etiquette for Thanksgiving. One suggestion--do not make the roasted bird the centerpiece at the table. Cut it up elsewhere and pass the slices on a plate. Vegetarians have responsibilities too: for instance, do not say, "Ugh, a bird carcass! How can you be such monsters?" and so forth. The veggie stuffing from VT was excellent.

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