Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Leave it to the NYT to have an op-ed page full of columns by white people on Martin Luther King Day. Nevertheless, two pieces were outstanding (coincidentally, the ones that weren't William Kristol's). Sarah Vowell's "Radical Love Gets a Holiday" deserves to be anthologized in the Best American Spiritual Writing and many other places. Paul Krugman's column made the point that the biggest failing of the Clinton years was the Democrat's inability to change the narrative about Reagan. He was *not* a good president. But because Bill and the others didn't say that, Republicans are still invoking his sainted name, as is Obama. And they're all still competing to see who can try once again to force Reagan's bad ideas on the country and the world. Vowell also manages a nice shot at Reagan in the beginning of her piece. Maybe it's not too late to call off the canonization.

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