Thursday, September 06, 2007

Vacation blogging

I am slowly coming back from vacation. What to write about?

I have only seen bears in the wild twice, both times crossing the highway in front of our car. The first time was about four years ago on our way back from Lava Beds. A ginger-colored cub ran along the highway ahead of our car for several seconds. I lunged forward to grab the camera (I was the passenger) and the seatbelt of my old Corolla stopped me. And held me. I sat there with splayed fingers, camera just out of reach, till the cub veered off into the woods. The second time was last week, as we were driving out of Sequoia National Park. An adult black bear, as big as our Honda Fit, waddled across the road and down an embankment. Again, I reached for the camera, which I got hold of, but did not manage to get out of the case in time. Lessons learned: bears are on the road, not in meadows; they show up on your way out of places.

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