Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Brian May's web site

It should be noted before too much more time has passed that Brian May has a web site. This is startling to someone who worshipped Queen in junior high, who was partial to Freddie but always knew Brian was seriously smart, an astronomer and a math whiz and a nice person, clearly nicer than the others, "Fat Bottom Girls" and "Tie Your Mother Down" notwithstanding. Of all the band members Brian seemed the most capable of living beyond and outside it, except now he has reconstituted Queen with Paul Rogers in the Freddie position. What to think about that...Brian posts to his "Soapbox" in a chatty, exclamation-point sprinkled style that doesn't quite seem like him, though I'm getting used to it. He responds to fan mail about guitar minutiae and the music business and also the bonsai-kitten hoax, which distressed him. The Soapbox includes quite a few photos, and there's nothing like seeing the guitar god in half-glasses hunched over the Red Special on his workbench.

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